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 Singing  Lessons

For beginners and intermediate singers of all ages

Everyone has some kind of unique creative talent. Sometimes these talents are hidden or not so apparent until the individual sets out to explore themselves. There are various ways, techniques and exercises that train the human body to work as a musical instrument.


Lessons are structured in a way that allows students to develop all areas of their singing. Such as, breathing & vocal exercises, ear training and learning songs, stretching and posture correction. The lessons encourage creativity and the ability to improvise.


Tasks will be set at the end of each lesson so that the student can practice at home.


Lori Secanska is an experienced teacher and is fully qualified with a Masters Degree in Music Therapy.





Lesson Content



Removes tension, ensuring that the body is relaxed and ready to sing.


Breathing Exercises

Enables you to breathe correctly, teaches you to use your breath effectively when you sing and develops stamina.


Vocal Warm-Ups

Slow and healthy stretching of the vocal chords.

Includes humming, lip trill, scales, arpeggios and develops vocal stamina.



The study of different singers and their songs develops a vocabulary within the student, allowing them to be familiar with how to sing in different genres and styles. 



Encourages creativity, self expression, self confidence and most of all, is  fun!



Cancellation require 24 hours notice prior to the lesson. Otherwise the lesson will be charged for without exception.




"Lori has been my singing teacher since I was in year 6, I am now in year 10. She is a very patient and kind teacher and I have enjoyed my lessons with her. She taught me many singing techniques as well exercises to develop and protect my voice. She has helped me prepare for several school singing competitions and concerts."





"I never thought I would be able to sing pop music, but Lori convinced me to give it a shot, to dare to explore my voice. I still can't believe the results! She’s been an amazing teacher, explaining things very clearly and simply. She’s very supportive and always makes me feel safe to try out new sounds. I found singing daunting before I met Lori, now I can’t wait until the next lesson!"





"My singing voice has become much stronger and I have learnt to use different tones of voice."




"Lori Secanska has been of invaluable assistance to me in my quest to ‘find my voice’, which I ‘lost’ in 1956 at the age of 13 when my voice broke at the same time that my father died. After that time I never sang and in recent years I became aware that this was a problem which I felt I should address. 


I searched for a tutor to enable me to do this for a long while and luckily by chance came across Lori Secanska who has undertaken this task with me, guiding me and helping me use my voice much better, teaching me to breathe more usefully and making me more comfortable in speaking, reading in public and also to begin to sing aloud after so many years of not doing so, to train my voice, which is more difficult to do at this late stage in life, as I am 72 years old."


Inevitably this has included a therapeutic element which has also been undertaken successfully by Lori. I have been attending a weekly tutorial with her for well over a year now and am very aware of the professional expertise which Lori uses to train me to use my voice, for which I am truly grateful as it is particularly helpful when I am invited to read my work in public or chair a meeting, public or otherwise, it has also increased my self confidence enormously. 


My tutorials with Lori are open ended and I enjoy them and am more than happy to go and see her weekly well into the foreseeable future and would recommend anyone needing or wanting voice lessons to go to her."






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