Session Work

KPM World Music Series (EMI Records, 2020) - Vocal for EMI Production Music albums: Balkans Traditional and Balkans Documentary,  part of a KPM World music series. 
Songs: Moj Dilbere, Ajde Jano, Jovano Jovanke, Gankino Oro
Composers / arrangers:  Yasmine Latkowski & Raoul Neumann.
Recorded at The Crypt Studios, London

Balkans Traditional:        KPMWM 57


Balkans Documentary:       KPMWM 58

GYPSY FEVER COLLECTIVE (Released in 2019) - Second CD of a London based world music band Gypsy Fever. There is a mixture of songs from Balkans (countries of the ex-Yugoslavia).

Guest vocals, harmonies - Lori Secanska

CATFACE (2016)  -  A dark supernatural Afro-european short thriller by filmmaker Ogo Okpue,  Produced by Marius Smuts and Ogo Okpue.

Original Soundtrack by a British composer Alex Paton, featuring vocals by Lori Secanska.

Never Let Go (2015)  -  British independent movie of director Howard J Ford. Original Soundtrack by a British composer Imran Ahmad, featuring vocals by Lori Secanska.



Best Independent Film at National Film Awards 2016

Best Film‬, ‎Best Director‬ & ‪‎Best Actress‬ at Artemis Film Festival 2016


Never Let Go - Imran Ahmad ft. Lori Secanska
The Courage - Imran Ahmad ft. Lori Secanska
Family - Imran Ahmad ft. Lori Secanska

Ajambo (2014)  - vocal for a fitness music ( composer Dan Parry )


"I can whole heartedly recommend Lori to anyone who is seeking world, ethnic, and new age vocals. She is an adept improviser and is also able to follow guidance faithfully if required. She has a range of tones available.

I have worked with Lori several times now and it is always an enjoyable experience. I will definitely be hiring her again"


Dan Parry

Composer and producer

I Feel It All (Ajambo) - Dan Parry ft. Lori Secanska
Ajambo Tribe (Ajambo) - Dan Parry ft. Lori Secanska
Ride The Wind (Ajambo) - Dan Parry ft. Lori Secanska

The Man Who Knew Too Much (2012) - vocal and lyrics for  Ambient/NuJazz album by  a BBC sports reporter Jonathan Overend, whose passion for music led to composing and recording a soundtrack to an immaginary movie. 

Lori wrote lyrics and recorded vocals to two songs: The man who knew too much & No Direction

The man Who Knew Too Much - Natura Cinematica