Ailm is a newly formed London based Cinematic / Celtic / Folk / Progressive band that fuses the intense energies of soundtrack style music, and blend it with the softer and more traditional elements of Folk music. Touching on the subjects of fantasy, human emotion and travel, they draw on a wide range of musical experiences, styles, stories and folklore. Their self titled debut album will be released in the summer of 2016.

Band members:

Alex Paton-guitar, piano, arrangements, composition;

Lori Secanska-vocal, composition;

Clarissa Carlyon-cello

A dark supernatural Afro-european short thriller by filmmaker Ogo Okpue. A tale of revenge and African mysticism.

Music by Alex Paton (vocals Lori Secanska)

I am so happy I had the opportunity to work with a young talented composer Alex Paton and to sing for his soundtrack for a short horror film CATFACE. Have a listen! Warning: Only for people who are not scared of dark . Directed by Ogo Ogpue. The trailer to the film is coming soon....

Click on the picture to listen to the music tracks.

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